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With 'SEE-the world-Travels', we offer you guided trips to different places of power on earth. Visits from indigenous peoples, healers and shamans. We travel with you on an inner adventure in beautiful places. We not only go for the practical guidance, but also support you in your process throughout the journey.


BRAZIL - meet the divine

Experience multiple personal healings at this place of power, in one week. Some come with physical complaints but others look for a spiritual awakening or enlightenment. This is not an everyday holiday but an experience that changes your life !!!

In Abadiânia we have the privilege of looking in the eyes of GOD himself.

The energy is now stronger than ever. Powerful and spontaneous interventions are common, but you now hear things like: "I do not know what happened to me, I sat in the garden to meditate a bit and I" left "for a while, I came back and I felt strange and destabilized, I feel tired and everything I've done for two days is sleeping, and many people report strange and unexplained events.


All this suggests a deep phase of purification in and around the Casa, as well as in the rest of the world. Everything that does not come from the Light is recalled. The universe shows us that the time has come to give up all our attachments, including those of relying on another human form to communicate with. Teachers and guides, they will always be present, but only to help us, not to make decisions for us or to give us answers that we can only get from ourselves. Those who can not believe in this renewed form of healing remain in fear and suffering. These go away and do not come here anymore.

The veil between the spirit world and our world is getting thinner. We are called to communicate directly with the Ascended Masters; we are all mediums, it is up to us to develop it. We no longer need media, fakirs, priests or gurus to mediate between God and ourselves.


Does life pass you by, ... do you want to come home to yourself and experience that space .... Do you need a place that is silent and spontaneously brings you closer to yourself? a 6 day among women in Essaouira breathes all this in and out. Tissa center is located on a hill near the sea that does not leave your heart untouched. The presence of spirit Nature makes connection possible, the sight of the natural spectacle, the dancing sea, the wind that plays with our hair, the sand under our feet ... just to be in connection with all that is. Essential questions of life coincide in softness and simplicity, a smile and a tear of emotion. Allow yourself to be hit by so many Spirits, in and around us. It goes without saying that Nature has a strong influence on us during this retreat.

Nature mirrors our part that what we no longer saw or felt, we are like that Earth, that sea in all beauty and power. Center Tissa Musico Therapy is so special for me because Ema'a Drolma Mata, my initiator together with Francoise once laid the foundation stone for a ceremonial work as a basis for and by Moroccan women. Taking Time among women, feeling the support, and receiving the care of each other and the devoted employees connected to the place, will continue to nurture everyone. The silence, the trance experience, feeling the body, experiencing deep peace, sharing what is alive in the moment and being tangible every day ... spending time with yourself lies at the basis of this transformative journey inwards, where integration gets all the space, Rediscover yourself and come home for good.