We have started this platform in 2013 from where we create and manifest projects, sessions and guidance that grow in our hearts and that we wish to share with the world.


our mission & vision

The White Arrow invests in people, in order to allow the change to come from within, in this way we create our new-earth reality together, a heart-connected domino effect.

The White Arrow, started in 2013 as a platform from which Marijn De Wit and Juanita Pyl guide people on their path. Being a couple, The White Arrow has manifested as their love child. Personal guidance, group sessions, shamanic training sessions, workshops, concerts, ceremonies, etc. are some of many forms to find your way back to 'unity and love', the most important thing is: to provide safe support in confidence so you can really let go.

Throughout the years Juanita & Marijn have received many initiations and trainings. They have been initiated as curandero and curandera in the vegetalismo shamanism from Peru as well as in the ancient rituals of the Queros from the Andes. This is the main basis from which they launch all their projects and sessions. The main vision within The White Arrow is not to throw spiritual sand in the eyes of people. No endless therapies and spiritual commercial cycling, but taking real steps in life, coming out of the comfort zone and going all the way, like a white arrow straight at the goal: feeling, experiencing, transforming, continuing to breathe and move. Spirituality is anchoring your mind in time, truly being 'here and now', looking around you, feeling, and crystallizing your dreams and not letting them dry out among the clouds.

If eventually there is a point or purpose to it all, let it serve the growth to our highest possible potential, to become aware of our creations and live together in love and harmony on this magnificent earth. Pachamama, brings nothing to life without a reason or lets call it logical action/reaction in the cause and effect pattern. Everyone, every bacterium or blade of grass, every insect or animal, every star or planet, every human being and every reality has its perfect place in the gigantic cosmic puzzle, nothing is superfluous, everything is just as it should be at that moment. You, too, are not here just by accident. To find your purpose here on earth, does not implicate to focus on looking for an outer form. This form is only a result of the restored connection you make with your true heritage;


On your path to unity and love, we like to assist you as guides who walk with you for a while. At The White Arrow we let our personal creativity take its course. The connection with nature is the spirit that brings inspiration to all our activities.

We hope to meet you at one of our sessions or events to celebrate life together, by remembering our nature, our true form, here on earth. Seeing and feeling each other, without jealousy and expectations, become one with the other simply by being yourself, completely!