Sweat Lodge

The Sweat Lodge is a purification ceremony routed in many cultures. In our ceremonies we mix the tradition of North American Sweatlodge with the shamanic Icaro healing form the rainforest in Peru. Preparations for the Sweat Lodge are conducted in a "sacred manner", from cleaning and caring for the grounds, to building and tending the fire to heat the stones, to covering or dressing, the Lodge. During the ceremony, heated stones are placed in the centre of the Lodge, while the Sweat Leader guides the people in prayer, song and personal expressions. The Sweat Leader will practice rituals with sacred herbs and water. The Sweat Lodge, representing the womb of Mother Earth, is a sacred space to ask for healing, forgiveness, hope, vision, to give thanks, and to ask for anything else you may need in your journey of change. 

The sweat lodge empowers the natural elements of our being with the four elements of water, air, fire, and earth. Each element brings a quality of balance to our lives through prayer and purification. As you participate in the ceremony, you are purified with breathing, meditating, and in the sharing of words, prayers, songs, and storytelling.

A lodge ceremony is a gentle and caring approach to the cleansing of your mind, body, and spirit. Through the experience, your body is cleansed of the toxins within your body, which aids in the de-stressing of your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual well-being. The non-threatening, non-imposing, and safe environment allows you to seek your greater power with all cultures.

Like the peeling of onion, we go in layer by layer, deeper. The heat will act as a trigger point on what you keep hidden from yourself. Here the in-depth personal work happens. Through these difficult moments we go together, by sharing, singing, breathing, sweating ... letting go, transforming to be reborn again . The insight is instant, you can immediately give the ballast to mother earth.


Space is being made in you to receive the new. Together we create a secure feeling of being together. Energy is released, themes are touched, openings are made, now you really can get started. That's why we also work a lot with sounds and spiritsongs from the rainforest during the session. The sounds bring you further on your path, deeper in your process and gradually open more and more your heart, revealing your true potential. Together as a firm group we build the sweat lodge and we create a big fire. We build our sacred space!


Agua de florida -
water smudge

Before entering a sweat lodge, the participants are energetically cleaned (smudge), with sage, for example. During the work with the shamans in Peru we noticed that the most adequate way to do this was through a flower bath. Together with the participants we collect beautiful flowers on the spot and we put them in a large pot of water. Here, extra beneficial essences are added. With this water you will be rinsed off before entering the hut. So that any heavy baggage you take with you from your job, family, traffic, stress, may already be dropped before entering the sweat lodge.
This will give you an intense feeling of 'being rooted in the moment', and will give you strength and courage to start the session.


Tobacco ceremony and mixed herbs

During the various rounds in the sweat lodge we work with the tobacco as a strong purifying plantteacher. In the course of the day, an infusion is made from the pure tobacco leaves. This tabac water is then entered in a very small amount along the nose or throat. The power of this medicine works instantaneously with a very grounding and purifying effect. It opens your third eye chakra as well as your corona, but it also brings you in a strong grounded feeling. It ensures clarity and also protection. Protection against other invasive energies.

Different sort of sweat lodge ceremonies


Mixed Sweatlodge

A mixed sweat lodge makes us feel and look at the divine feminine and masculine in each of us. We feel the deep connection with the other, we feel and understand each other's grief and fear around being a real man and a woman. The deep respect and compassion for each other makes us men and women a more complete being. Ready to receive and respect each other in love, without judgment, which is based only on the weight of the past. Merge into each other's energy and see that there is only 'this' and we’re all related.


Separated women & men sweatlodges

The sacred unification of the male and female is our great lifes-work together. To get there we need to get to know ourselves better. That is why experiencing a separate men's or women sweat lodge is so healing. To meet with brothers or sisters to share, to feel each other, to support each other, to sing, to listen and to just be. A healing experience of your sacred masculinity and femininity.


Private sweat lodge

A private sweat lodge can be arranged for a group of people who know each other and like to experience this event together. For example: you and your friends , with family, with colleagues etc. These sessions are closed to outside participants. The minimum number of participants for a private sweat lodge is 10. These private ceremonies are often arranged for special occasions: birthday, communion, transformation ceremony, any kind of celebration of remembrance ceremony.

This is a unique experience to undergo together with people you love, or want to connect to on a deeper level. These ceremonies are arranged by you as being the facilitator. You’ll get your group together with a minimum of 10 participants. we discuss the correct price together. Normally the participants will pay their participation separately, but on some occasions the organizer wants to pay for everything himself, eg for a birthday party.

Practical Information


Dates & locations


  • Start: 10am to 5 pm

  • Location: Shamballa Ten Bosse 78, Deinze

  • Payment: 65 € (sweat lodge) (payment information)

    This sweat lodge is part of a weekend session 'opening of the heart'. You can also register for the whole weekend if you wish.

Women sweat lodge

  • Start: 2pm to 9 pm

  • Location: Shamballa Ten Bosse 78, Deinze

  • Payment: 70 € (sweat lodge)



  • Start: 10 am to 6 pm

  • Location: Blommerenbos, H Conciencelaan 32, Bonheiden (Belgium)

  • Payment: 65 € (sweat lodge + 15€ Tobacco) (payment information)

    This sweat lodge is part of a weekend session ''The circle of Medicine Men’. You can also register for the whole weekend if you wish.

How to prepare yourself

Please consume only light food on the day of the session.
Drink plenty of water all day long.
Take plenty of rest
Bring a clear intention to the ceremony. Something of and for yourself that you would like to work on, this can but does not have to be shared with the others.
Something you would like to sacrifice to the spirit of the fire (Tobacco, an intention on paper, ...)
Come with an open heart and mind.
Don’t ware any perfumes on the day of the session.

What to bring along

  • Something to go wear or to sit on in the sweat lodge (towel, swimsuit/shorts, , or nothing ...)

  • A towel and soap to shower afterwards

  • A plastic bag for the things you want to leave outside the cabin. Bathrobe to wait by the fire.