The white arrow is a wedding between two souls. What’s in a name? The combination of our last names gave birth to this beautiful new soul to touch many hearts and to illuminate many paths. We chose to walk this road ‘together’. The power of a woman and a man, the feminine and masculine. It is not an easy path, working with your loved-one, but it gives us so much more than we’d ever imagined.
— The White Arrow

Marijn De Wit

Music has always been the main theme in my life. It seems but logical now, that about 10 years ago I started my career as a sound-healer. Before that time, as a spiritual seeker, I was immersed in unravelling and studying various spiritual fields. My search came to a stop when I met the French shaman Ema'a Drolma Mata, she initiated me in work with the plant spirits from the rainforest.  To be able to connect with my true nature and the essence of life every time I work with people, my path brings me back to the rainforest every year to deepen connection with spirits and the Maestro curanderos. Learning from these spirits for many years brought my long-term search in the

world of esotericism and mysticism on a single track to my goal. Everything became crystal clear, life is 'here and now', and it is perfect as it is. If there is a purpose at all, let it serve the growing to our highest possible potential, to become aware of our creations and live together in love and harmony on this magnificent earth.  I like to assist you as a guide on your path to unity and love, not as a teacher, but as a companion who walks with you for a while. With all my heart I would like to put all my experiences, development and love at service of helping you awaken in 'the dream' and liberate yourself and to guide you as good as possible during a treatment or session of your 'choice'.


Juanita Pyl

« Danseuse de vie »

My first steps in life were dance moves. As I acknowledged the Music in me, I searched for ways to express, channel and complete this raw energy that I was born into.

The beginning of my inner journey started with training in various massage and dance techniques, the five elements theory and practice, organic food cooking, and keeping at a daily practice in all of these. I initiated myself into the tradition of the Queros and shamanic vocals."During my formation by shaman Ema'a Drolma Mata, my whole being changed and I came out of the dark as a sjamanita, Danseuse de Vie.”

Touched by my own life journey, the people I met and the 3 children of light I may guide into this World, I can only say that “living in the moment” is one path to simplicity.  Nature as my heritage and ally, I accompany you through your transformation into light and self-love. This nurturing meeting with  your TRUE self, will permanently connect body, mind and soul.

 Let magic in motion, touch You  !!

“The body is your temple, take great care of it and Remember That you are the divinity living in it.”
— Osho