Liberation of the Voice


Do you like to hear yourself sing or talk? Do you have trouble hearing your true voice? Do you want to shout from the rooftops or sing high above everyone else? We often shy away from our own sound, or we have all kinds of judgment about it. Imagine that you’ll be heard!

We do our best to sing as well as possible hoping that others will like it, ending up singing from the outside in, because the focus is on the result for the outside world relating to you. Generally speaking this is the common way of singing in our culture. But you can also effortlessly sing what lives inside of you, hence singing from the inside out. You give everything that you have got, you create with all of your heart. Sing because you really want to sing and not to achieve something. Throughout our childhood we have often been silenced, and if we do not get started with this we get a voice that is permeated with tension, sadness, anger, etc.  You can 'sing' through all these blockages.

Each of us has a unique voice which tells our unique story. Our song may sound sad, happy, shy, touched, beautiful, startled, happy. But it is our song, it tells how we’re feeling in that moment. This is an important point in the liberation of the voice because in life it is always only about 'this one moment', how you feel here and now.

Your voice is your musical instrument, we listen to what is happening inside of you by singing sounds, words or even a song. You learn to use your voice to enter into fears, to express fixed emotions and heal yourself, this brings self-worth, relaxation, recognition, trust, strength and freedom.

Liberation of the voice is about giving yourself a place, allowing yourself to be there. Daring to feel all your emotions and turning them into sound. Singing without holding back, without judgment, without right or wrong. While singing you learn a lot about who you are, what you need, what stands in your way and how you want to continue your (life) path....

The liberation of the voice is a fascinating healing process, your voice is a very personal and therefore vulnerable instrument. What you feel when you are singing is not separate from what is going on in your life. You can enrich your singing if you open yourself to what truly lives inside.

After all singing is more than just practicing scales. Freeing your real voice comes through a new broader view of your total being. All the pieces of your beautiful puzzle that you’ll see and feel and learn to accept so that you can discover your voice in a liberated way. We guide you in all softness and together we sing through the blockages, with an open heart as the result. During daily life it’s important to express your true feelings in all forms of  your communication so that the door stays open and there is no lock on your voice or heart. Embracing yourself and singing with all your being, with all your "so-called" mistakes or shortcomings, with all your sorrow and joy, in complete acceptance and love for who you are, here and now, your life song, will FREE your VOICE .

Individual sessions

You can contact us for a more personal experience of this in-depth voice treatment. A direct and personal approach is available. After an investigative interview, the right treatment is determined. The chants come naturally. You also get a few exercises to get you started at home. From now on, singing will also become your habitat.

Price: 90€, duration: 1h30


We integrate the liberation of the voice in lots of sessions and concerts. If you want to enjoy the freedom of singing with a group of people you might want to join us in a cacao ceremony.

Or you might want to take part in an Icaro session or a voice liberation group session, where we dive into a ceremonial setting with the plant-spirit realm, and use the shamanic techniques of vocal healing straight out of the Peruvian Amazon.