Engagement Shift

Are you ready to change & do you dare to go further than you have ever thought possible? To make your deepest desires, your wildest dreams come true? Are you ready to look at yourself in the mirror, see yourself as you truly are, all the sides, beautiful and less beautiful, to accept all obstacles and thus to heal them?

With this 3-arrows plan we apply ourselves to an engagement with you. (These 3 arrows (black, white and red) are an underlying structure in our work. You can read more about these arrows in the Season’s Shift section.) Together we reach your highest potential. This process consists of a thorough follow-up of your life purpose in this moment. We guide you in the best way possible with our expertise. We won’t dazzle you with difficult learning techniques, but we’ll always enter the subtle ceremonial level where we can truly meat ‘you’ and be honest and clear about that which  presents itself.

During this half year process you can move freely in the choice of treatments and workshops. In this time we also get to know and feel you and this preparatory work will be very beneficial for a possible 'Season's Shift'. The Season’s Shift is our year engagement plan.

6 months Follow-up plan


In an in-depth intake we determine the nature of your trajectory together. Everyone has different needs and henceforth a different program. During this conversation we offer you a program that according to us will be the best fit to your life at this time in order to tackle the challenges as smoothly as possible. You will receive a global bio-medical life file from us by e-mail, to  diligently  take your first steps in this process.

The cost of the intake interview will be reimbursed at the moment you enter into the engagement.


5 Sessions

When you enter into the engagement, you dedicate to at least 5 sessions spread throughout six months. These can be in-depth individual sessions (sound healing, massage, therapy, diet etc) or group sessions (sweat lodge, ceremonies, etc). In addition, if you make this commitment, we give you 15% discount on these 5 treatments. The engagement is a minimum of 5 treatments in the 6 months period starting from the intake interview . Of course you can book or participate in more sessions and the discount of 15% also applies to those.


In order to follow-up as thoroughly as possible and strongly guide you in this process, we are always available for feedback and correspondence. This can be by telephone or e-mail. In this way  contact is maintained and we can monitor or adjust your progress. It is good to ventilate during this intense process and maybe hear the words that will put you on the right track again.
If you would like an extra individual session, an extra session will be charged (-15%).



What do we expect from you?

If you choose this new road, we hope that you give yourself the chance to get the most out of it. We see you over a period of 6 months as you get thoroughly involved with your growth and completely surrender to what presents itself during this process of change. We also expect you to work on your 'life file' and in particular the piece of your biography, family tree and perinatality. This is not to hand over to us, but it’s for ‘yourself’

What can you expect from us?

We will at all times be like a mirror that will serve you the most in that moment. With all our heart we will guide you on your path. The path you chose, the path of your soul, here and now. Step by step we will help you unveil life, so that you can see and feel clear and ready, so that you can make honest choices in your life. You have only one life in this form ; make it the best possible. Life is there to be experienced, you choose which experience you step into.


The intake interview:

  • 25 € (this will be refunded at your first session)


  • Individual: 65 € / h, 95 € / 2 h, 120 € / 3 h (of these prizes you may deduct 15% for the first 5 treatments)

  • Group sessions above 90 €: depending on the workshop prices, but you can also deduct 15% of this each time. These belong to the 5 sessions.

the 15% does not apply to discounts already given such as combination workshops (such as Season's Shift and sound healing training)

Extra coaching’s: 55 € / h (these are the personal one-on-one meetings that do not take place via telephone or mail)