Breathing Sounds

Shamanic Rebirthing sessions

Rebirthing is essentially a breathing technique that aims to create contact with the inner life energy in a simple way. In practical terms, it is the connection with the inhalation and the exhalation in a constant relaxed rhythm. In a series of supervised sessions, the aim is to free the breath from blockages, so that a natural, complete breathing occurs.


What does it do?

The number of complaints that you can heal yourself from, thanks to rebirthing are not few: stress and anxiety, birth trauma, addictions, eczema, back pain, migraine, phantom pain, senility, ...

'Rebirthing works on a mental, physical, emotional and energetic level. Those four bodies are refilled with oxygen, which purifies and vibrates in every cell. Where there are blockages, the oxygen collides, which hurts, until that block is resolved. '

The underlying idea is that people become ill through wrong thought patterns. If they learn to live in a different way, they will not only be emotionally more stable but also physically better off.


Breathing sounds

We now bring this rebirthing technique in a new formula, and call it Breathing sounds.  Our years of experience with soundhealing, shamanic healing techniques and bodywork has created this unique way of rebirthing. We apply our skills in terms of sound during your profound breathing work. The accompaniment with various instruments from all over the world, ancient icaros and spirit songs, make your experience even deeper and more grounded.  We can add  body-work to the session or even other treatments like: liberating the voice, massage, foot reflexology, working with the Tobacco,...  We discuss your personal session that will bring the most benefit to your health.

Breathing sounds is based on three principles

  • Breathing (physical / energetic level)

  • Creative thinking (mental level)

  • The greater whole (spiritual level)

Breathing sounds aims to initiate the following processes:


  • At the physical level: cleaning the body of toxic substances.

  • On an emotional level: liberation of restrained or suppressed emotions.

  • At the mental level: correction of negative or life-depriving convictions and thoughts.


  • At the spiritual level: spiritual attitude or a sense of connection with the divine

The long-lasting profound effects:

  • Deep and lasting inner peace.

  • Increased mental clarity.

  • Greater insight into the human condition.

  • Meaningful improvements in relationships - intimate, family, social and professional.

  • Greater ability to meet the challenges of life and career.

  • Stopping negative patterns that limited someone in having a happy life and well-being.

personal Session

We use our strongest trade of sound healing to bring you even closer to your block and beyond, also essential oils or herbs could be used to make the process deeper. We guide you in an honest way and bring you close to your higher self. During your personal journey we provide shamanistic care to guide you as good as possible.

  • Duration: min 1h30 (we start with an intake interview)

  • Price: 90 €

breathing 2.jpg

groep session


Group sessions are a different ballgame.  They bring the energy of the group into your personal work.  Forming a group is always a unique way of 'souls meeting each other'.  Why do we chose that exact day to be somewhere.  When we do a small sharing in the beginning we always see that a lot of what's going on in someone’s personal life is similar to the rest of the group.  So working in the energy of the group really works miracles.  We also offer the possibility to combine these breathing sessions with another workshop, like 'drum therapy', you can stay for the next workshop or only come for the breathing session, it's up to you.

djembe en bre.jpg


Many of our sessions can be combined with each other. A very pleasant and balancing combination is that of the 'Djembé' and the 'Breathing Sounds'. The powerful, grounding, connecting interplay of a djembe session forms a solid 'structure' for embedding a breathing session. The deeper energetic work in the more subtle realities of a breathing session can only go as deep as the relative power in 'grounding' or 'grounding' that you possess.

These combi-sessions are an invitation to do a deeper work with yourself. An evening full of fun, strength and also quite physical effort, as well as deep relaxation, emotion in connecting with your 'nature'.


  • Location: cc 't Vondel (' Joepie ') Halle, Brouwerijstraat 32

  • Starting djembé: 19h to 20h 30

  • Starting Breathing Sounds: 8.30 pm to 10 pm

  • Price : 20 € per lesson (cash per lesson) or 30 € if you combine with Breathing sounds (19h to 22h)