Concerts & Dance events

Can we call it a concert or is it more a ceremony?  We sing and make music, but we stay in a deep connection with our audience to feel whatever is necessary and is asked for by the spirits in the room.  No concert is alike, we always tune in to the people attending.  

For all our CACAO EVENTS we've made a separate website where you'll find all you want to know about this sacred medicine and how we use in our concerts and dance-events.


CACAO concert

In these cacao concerts we use the sacred cacao medicine as the facilitator.  An intimate ceremony or a big cacao event... it's a always a celebration of life, with lots of laughter, joy and letting go.  You can attend one of our cacao concerts, scheduled by us.  Or you can organise your own cacao ceremony at your centre or home, inviting loved ones to celebrate together.  


We love working together, connecting to other souls, especially through music making and singing.  Don't hesitate to ask Juanita or/and Marijn to join your live act  .

HEartbeat cacao dance event

This is a combination of several formulas.  We bring you a cacao and tobacco ceremony in the form a big cacao concert together with a live DJ-act.  This is an event for a bigger group of people.  A beautiful ceremonial dance experience. 

Living room concerts

We bring our concert to your living room.  For this small private event you can invite your friends or family.  It can be held for a special occasion or celebration.  We call these concerts 'living room concerts', because this is where most people host these kind of concerts in their home.  A very pleasant and intimate happening among loved ones. 


A Taki concert is not just a concert.  We use our expertise in the shamanic ways of singing and making music, by working with the spirits.  We use WATER as medicine for healing.  This water is informed with sacred spiritsongs and icaros, water carries this information and puts it where it belongs in our bodies.