Group Sessions Summary


Breathing Sounds

Transformational breathing , Rebirthing ... here it goes by the name: Breathing Sounds. An in-depth group session where you spend more than one hour in a connected breathing while you listen to shamanic sounds and chants and receive various energetic treatments. These profound breathing sessions can usually be attended in combination with a connecting workshop such as: djembé, icaro, opening of the heart, ... A nice way to work with your personal energy in a very simple way and to get to a profound level of learning from yourself.

Hands in the earth

What used to be a meadow landscape of Juanita’s grandmother, on a hill has now grown into a densely forested and powerfully proliferating piece of nature. A few times a month we'll come together and work these grounds, joining hands, supporting each other and nature.

Djembé Alchemical drumming

 Alchemical drumming through the djembé. Play a new way of percussion. The intention is the deeper subtle work that is put in motion by the drums and the learning of rhythms. A particularly beneficial technique for our physical skills, brain activity, grounding, taking action in life, building self-confidence, relaxation and enjoyment. These drum sessions are usually supplemented with a session of Breathing sounds, a very complete combination to connect heaven and earth in your being.

Icaro & tobacco ceremonies

The medicine songs from the world of plant spirits are transferred to the participants in a very unique way through a Tobacco and Icaro ceremony. A new way of learning, through 'transfer'. These magical songs are the toolsbox for the Vegetalismo shaman in the rainforest. You can follow these sessions for your personal healing as well as to work with your intuition and self-healing ability as well as to learn the songs through the transfer. 

Opening of the heart

A shamanic ceremonial weekend retreat, where we’ll work with the spirits of the Amazon through soundhealing, Icaro’s, Breathing and Cacao & Tobacco ceremonies. For people who want to jump to the next level.

Presentations & Info sessions

Presentations about shamanism, spirituality, decoding of diseases and much more. As well as info moments about our annual training, sessions, and workshops. You can books us to host a presentation in your centre or at your home. These presentations can also be hosted in the form of a sharing circle or debate groups.

Season's Shift

Our yearly guidance plan and shamanic training. We guide you through the four seasons internal and external. A deep connection and engagement with life.

See the world travels

With 'SEE-the world-Travels', we offer you guided trips to different places of power on earth. Visits from indigenous peoples, healers and shamans. We travel with you on an inner adventure in beautiful places. We not only go for the practical guidance, but also support you in your process throughout the journey.

Sound healing formation

As sound healing is one of our main ways of healing, we offer you a complete and in-depth course to guide you on a sound healing practitioner.



How well do you know your colleague? How well do you know your staff? A connection at deeper level is necessary in every family to quickly manage underlying tensions. Many companies already invest in stress release programs. A very nice evolution ... but if this keeps coming back again and again, there is something fundamentally wrong in our internal and external communication. The white arrow wants to introduce you to some great ways to do thorough work within your company, and to forge a close bond that benefits everyone.

The circle of medicine men

These circles are only for men. They are held in a transformational weekend retreat. We work with several shamanic traditions from North and South America. We use the rituals and spirits as a foundation to do our work together. We’ll use the sweat lodge and maestro tobacco to guide us.


A 'let yourself touch' session, in which you rebuild the connection with your deeper being to feel what lives inside of you. We use dance, music and ‘touch’ as tools. What is needed in the moment will take place.



Circles by and for women, to share, to feel, to touch.

Warm Qhari

This workshop is about the unification between man and woman and this mainly lies within ourselves. The group is divided into two separate groups, with the men and women receiving a separate guidance. After an intense deep work, both groups come together again for a unifying cocoa ceremony.