Shamanic diet - la dieta


A shamanistic diet is a way of eating soberly without too many stimulants or stimuli. In the end, you are going to 'soften' a lot. In the beginning you can experience that everything that comes your way and it all becomes much more difficult. You can experience some headaches that are very normal, your body starts with a thorough detox. In this phase it becomes clear why you introduced certain  habits in your life or whether certain patterns persisted. What are they hiding, what are they blocking, why are you still 'thinking' that you need them? This diet will make you feel the wisdom of this. A shamanic diet in combination with meditation as well as creating moments for yourself gives a very strong combination where you really come across yourself.


A few days before a session (max 4) you start your diet and you will avoid the following nutrients:

  • salt,

  • coffee and green tea.

  • overripe bananas

  • milk & cheese

  • cigarettes

  • sex or masturbation

  • drugs

  • Alcohol,

  • sugars and substitute sugars,

  • meat,

  • fish,

  • oil or fats,

  • herbs,

  • tomatoes,

  • citrus fruit or juices,

You eat as tasteless as possible, this to eliminate all stimuli and stimulators. In this way, the curtain that you have created around you will gradually disappear. In this way your body becomes more receptive. Your own vibratory field is changing and you will start to feel better.

This diet is best to stay on for a day or more after the session.

- You also stop smoking cigarettes during the diet.
In the week before the session you also have no sex, as well as the next day, no masturbation either. This allows you to keep your own energy field completely with you. Often sex or discharging through sexual energy is also a habitual pattern to life as it shows itself to be able to.

What can I eat?

  • vegetables (soup or steamed)

  • Rice waffles

  • Rice

  • Nuts & pits

  • Fruit (no overripe bananas)

  • oatmeal (in the morning)


All the time you keep drinking a lot to drain all the waste that is released during a diet, preferably 2 litres a day. You will also have to organize your day a little differently, take a lot of rest, little or no TV and other stimuli.

Fragrances and perfumes


We also recommend that you do not use deodorant or perfume during this diet and do not wash with scented soap. It is important to smell your own body odour. Also during sessions or meetings in groups you do not use deodorant during this period.  It's in the end also a way of covering up what lives inside you.  Someone who eats, thinks and lives as pure as possible will have an ok smell.  In the beginning you can smell pretty hard if the toxins come out...but this can also trigger your memory about what's behind the toxins.

Rest and meditation


Also a perfect time to take more rest than normal.  This diet will force this upon you.  Don't stuff your head full with TV , endless talking and thinking.  Try to go to bed a bit earlier, take a lot of time just doing absolutely nothing.  Just sitting, feeling...being.  It's really called 'meditation'.  You're trying to be complete mindful with whatever is happening inside your and with your mirror-image outside of you.


Always inform us if you take any medication.  A diet like this can be a very strong impact in your life and on your body.  If you're on medication like anti depression pills you should consult your doctor and ask him/her for advice, but always inform us about your medication, it's prior! Also be aware that starting this in-depth process, in collaboration with medication, is not such a good idea. Medication to suppress symptoms, while you want to bring everything to the surface with this diet, does not make any sense for the time being. So discuss well with your doctor how you can and may reduce your medication before you continue.

Good luck and do not hesitate to ask for help, we're only an e-mail away.