Living room concerts, ceremonies, sessions & workshops

Would you like to experience a concert, ceremony, workshops or shamanic session in your familiar home environment? This is possible! For yourself, for your family or invite some friends for a unique surprise. Turn your living room into a small concert space. You can also book such a house concert for birthdays, private parties or other personal celebrations. A home concert can, if desired, also be a real ceremony in consultation with you, in which shamanic healing takes place for the participants but also for the space.  These sessions can be brought individually by Marijn or together with Juanita.  


Laying down concert

The lights are extinguished, candlelight dissipates the darkness, cleansing odors fill the room. The audience lay on mats instead of sitting on a chair. Lying down to enjoy heavenly sounds: flutes, singing bowls, bells, stringed instruments, drums, hang etc ... makes the vibration penetrate your relaxed body even more.

The room will be transformed into a temple of gentle healing energy, where you can relax.

A concert with The White Arrow is a concert where people no longer just have to sit on a chair and 'view' the artist. The emphasis is much more on the auditory than on the visual, so that the experience of sound and singing can be observed even deeper. We therefore prefer to put our concerts in this arrangement. Relax and lie down and enjoy the music and songs. 

A great suggestion for a Living Room Concert is the ceremonial TAKI concert.  Even possible with a Breathing Sounds session.

Living room ceremonies

Same format here.  We bring a shamanic ceremony to your living room.  It's a private session, not open for the public.  You decide who's attending, you do the invitations; family, friends, colleagues,...
It's a great way to (re)connect with your loved ones by singing and dancing, by enjoying a ceremonial healing experience TOGETHER.
You can check out our ceremonial page to see what fits you best, or we can communicate about this to make a personal program that fit your needs and wishes.  Tobacco ceremonies, despacho’s, Icaro-sessions are only a few to mention. A cacao ceremony is a great ceremony to bring to your living room and share with your loved ones.

Workshops & sessions

We can bring these living room sessions to you in so many different ways. We can organize workshops, lectures and other sessions together. A djembé workshop, a breathing session, a sound healing training, a tobacco ceremony, an icaro session, etc. Everything is possible

Practical information

Price: we can work with an entrance price or we can ask a fixed price for the whole evening.  We work with a minimum of 10 participants. Pricing depends on a variety of elements like: travel distance, day, evening or night ceremonial concert, in the country or abroad.

If you want us to make an invoice we have to add taxes and working fees.

It's best to ask the participants to bring their own little mats (ex. yoga mat) and a blanket.  Wearing something comfortable is ideal.  Ask your participants also not to eat and drink too much before going in ceremony or laying down, it makes people more sleepy.

Don't hesitate to contact us, so we can plan this unforgettable event together.