a spritual journey for women


Does life pass you by, ... do you want to come home to yourself and experience that space .... Do you need a place that is silent and spontaneously brings you closer to yourself? a 6 day among women in Essaouira breathes all this in and out. Tissa center is located on a hill near the sea that does not leave your heart untouched. The presence of spirit Nature makes connection possible, the sight of the natural spectacle, the dancing sea, the wind that plays with our hair, the sand under our feet ... just to be in connection with all that is. Essential questions of life coincide in softness and simplicity, a smile and a tear of emotion. Allow yourself to be hit by so many Spirits, in and around us. It goes without saying that Nature has a strong influence on us during this retreat.

Nature mirrors our part that what we no longer saw or felt, we are like that Earth, that sea in all beauty and power. Center Tissa Musico Therapy is so special for me because Ema'a Drolma Mata, my initiator together with Francoise once laid the foundation stone for a ceremonial work as a basis for and by Moroccan women. Taking Time among women, feeling the support, and receiving the care of each other and the devoted employees connected to the place, will continue to nurture everyone. The silence, the trance experience, feeling the body, experiencing deep peace, sharing what is alive in the moment and being tangible every day ... spending time with yourself lies at the basis of this transformative journey inwards, where integration gets all the space, Rediscover yourself and come home for good.


We are willing to pass on our life experiences, with all of our heart because every sense of consciousness or "AHA" wherever, changes the world, allows us to be peaceful and to embrace the change in our hearts. This journey inward (Morocco) has as main aim to promote your personal well-being and respect for all that was and is, so that together we can continue this work.


Francoise Rambaud

Born in France, living in the South, the Vendée region.
Her spiritual journey through her life until now, even as a grandmother, brought her closer to herself as a woman who is silent and listens to life herself.
A great gratitude and Invitation to Life itself is tangible in her being. Life is a journey that we enter into together, one full of mystery, adventure and discovery ...

More than 25 years of experience in organizing retreats in France, Poland, Morocco and London, it is time in her feeling to contribute this work even more to the rest of Great Britain, Scotland, the Netherlands and Belgium. She worked for years with the maestro's in the Peruvian jungle, in Indie and Nepal with the spiritual masters around quantum energy and the law of attraction, in Morocco through the trance experience with women of the Moroccan Sufi order.
The doctrines that she has received and actually apply these wisdoms in her life testify that every spiritual insight serves the daily in its simplicity, this can be felt through her presence. All her experiences and encounters have made her way known and contributed to who she has now become.


In times of change, she learned that everything is ready in the source, for us all; that rituals are essential to be in connection with our own light. Feel that everything starts from there and everyone's path is walked, a great sanctuary and everything can be traced back to this
same source. "Fr: j'ai appris que les temps the transformation que toute l'energie est là, disponible, pour nous tous, que les rituals sont essentiels pour garder contact avec notre être spirituel. j'ai compris que chaque sentier de Vie est sacré and que tout part de soi "


9 September up to and including 14 September 2019 (9th of Sept from 5pm till Saterdag the 14th 3pm)


we stay in the Tissa Center located in Essaouira, a holistic center with a view of the sea. The ceremonial trance work of the Gnawa (Musico Therapy) is central. The rooms are shared per two, with private shower and toilet. Bed and bath linen are provided in the room. Essaouira (Arabic: الصويرة, Berbers (Tashelhiyt) is a coastal city in the west of Morocco on the Atlantic Ocean, located southwest of Safi and Casablanca and just north of Agadir.The name Essaouira, a diminutive, means wall or wall. is also the capital of the province of the same name The history of the city / region possibly goes back to the 5th century BC, when the Carthaginian navigator Hanno made a voyage of discovery along the west coast of Africa and founded several trading posts there. Considering that the Arambys mentioned by him relate to the island of Mogador, in front of the Bay of Essaouira, on which island traces of Carthaginian origin have been excavated.The current Essaouira was founded in 1760 by Alaouite-Sultan Mohammed ibn-Abdullah. In 1844, the French bombed the city to force Morocco to end its support for Abd al-Kader, leader of an Algerian resistance movement. There is also French speaking to date.
Today Essaouira is mainly known as a tourist attraction. City of Winds, is a very popular place for kite, wind and wave surfers. The Medina of Essaouira is UNESCO World Heritage. Every year a Gnawa and world music festival takes place in June. There is a small fishing port, which we certainly pay a visit. The city is located in the area of the I-Hahan, a tribe of the Soussberbers. A substantial part of the population consists of the Gnawa, descendants of black African slaves from which the trance ceremonies have grown, ie freeing themselves from slavery.



690 euro pp.
the flight is not included for this trip (a direct flight costs 150€Ryanair )

Taxi ride from Marrakech airport to Essaouira Tissa center can be shared with the participants and is not included in the price.

As we have various international participants, we choose to have the seminar to take place from Monday evening to Saturday afternoon. As a partucipant from Belgium you can already book a flight back from Saturday evening. We opt to fly back on Monday (Sept. 16), this is the most interesting in price. This means that you will have an extra 2 nights on site on Saturday and Sunday. These two extra days will be approximately a surcharge of + -90 € that you have to pay for yourself. So you are free from Saterday 3 p.m. and maybe it is nice to take it easy on yourself for another day and to return home like most on Monday.

What is included in the price

  • Taxi ride from Marrakech airport to Essaouira Tissa center

  • 6 day stay and food (3 times a day) in Tissa Center (5 nights)

  • daily subcircle in group

  • personal guidance and / or request

  • tobacco ceremony o.l. Juanita

  • conclusion - trance ceremony with Moroccan women o.l.v. Latifah (Sufi order)

  • a one-off authentic experience in the typical hammam / sauna / massage ritual

  • transport tot Esaouria for group fieldtrip to the harborcity

Bring your own:

  • Preferably everything in hand luggage, this is easier in group

  • toilets, tubes and bottles max 100ml (with customs preferable in translucent plastic bags)

  • swimming gear (sea nearby - outdoor swimming pool in the center)

  • power object

  • white clothings for final ceremony


everything goes pretty organic and will arise in the moment. Every individual and his own wishes are of course taken into account, especially if this serves the higher self and the group. That which is necessary, will come to the fore as a theme within the group and the larger whole (collectively).
As soon as the ceremony starts, there is a wake up call every morning through body movement, mainly ... do-inn, stretchings, exercises per two (depending on what the group needs) Throughout these 6 days there can be sung and / or massaged to become…. Francoise is French-speaking, initiates group events, Juanita assists and carries the whole event into attendance. She will also translate if necessary.