Presentations & Lectures


You can book us to bring a presentation, sharing circle, or info-session to you. Also to monitor & guide a debate group. You can pick one of the toppics we present in our personal and group sessions and we’ll bring a beautiful presentation about it.

We’ll regularly give lectures on all kinds of topics, ranging from spirituality to shamanism, health, nutrition, etc. But we will also regularly hold information moments where you can get some more information about specific workshops or themes. We will also try to combine these info moments with a workshop, so that you can follow both if desired. Information arrives or it does not arrive, what do you need to hear, what do you want to hear and what do you end up with. There are as many perceptions about reality as there are people, so it is of the utmost importance to us that what is brought to you, will be in a communication form of absolute clarity.

Possible toppics for a presentation,
sharing circle, debate group or info moment