Life Guidance

A private one on one conversation  is the starting point for every session. You might feel more comfortable to have private coaching sessions in the beginning. But remember that our sessions always have the intension to move in to the realm of the ‘feeling’. Connection and engagement with life, can’t only be found in the head. So we use these talks mostly for your orientation, to map your goals more clearly. Learn to look at the realities that present themselves to you and bring decisiveness into your life. 

There are so many impressions in our lives that we have to take into account. So many standards and values, so much conditioning. We tend to lose ourselves and be scattered, even if in the spiritual search. We get trapped in pitfalls to linger in old patterns, captured by emotional energy, etc.

Together we look at your lifestyle and try to clarify your mindset. Your soul task is actually no more than bringing that which gives you deep happiness here and now in your life to the surface.

So the word ‘coaching’ is changed by ‘guidance’. We guide you through your life, with our support where you might need it.

Communicating with your soul and finding out where your joy lies is a task of the heart. In these conversations, we are gradually letting mental rumble pass to the language of the heart. Your heart expresses your joy, it shows what works for you. What is shown by your heart needs no expectations and shows you who you are. The outcome is the sum of all parts of your life.

These life guidance sessions last at least one hour and can last up to 3 hours. The sessions can also be filled with treatments . We let these arise in the moment.

Price: 50 € / h, 90 € / 2 h



The same info applies as above but we work with two people and investigate the relationship between the two. What binds you but also what blinds you. We open the path to discovering your individual happiness, to learning from each other and to understanding each other’s path.

Communication will become easier and you will  really feel and know each other without fear, jealousy and possessiveness. Openness and trust, connecting with each other's mind and feelings, acknowledging where the similarities are or not. With this information you can both bring the bond  to a higher level. This can be a deep ultimate love affair or a lovingly letting go ...

These sessions focus on two people. This can be your partner, but also a friend, family,  a son or daughter, a colleague etc. When you include your partner we schedule for a couples session.

Price: 50€ / h, 90 € / 2 h + 15€ pp


Relationships - couples

Build a new joint path or end old entrenched patterns. Love and conflict with each other reflect love and conflict with yourself. These insights cast a very different light on a couple's relationship.

We enter into a relationship with someone because of a deeper desire of the soul to get to know itself through the mirrors of the outside world. A pure soul does not know itself and seeks the friction of the forces; attract and repel. These mirrors are the clearest in our immediate environment, but also the hardest to face. Your partner, your children or parents, family and close friends ...: your masters on your soul path.

An in-depth and transforming session for two people to come closer to each other through individual liberation. To love, respect and accept each other through each other's individuality.

Price: 60€ / h, 90 € / 2 h + 15€ per extra person

Shift to a higher plan

If you want to make a stronger commitment to your personal intentions, you can make the choice to step in to one of our engagement shifting plans. Here you can choose from a ‘half year plan’ or a ‘one year plan’.