Alchemical drumming
through the Djembé

More than just drumming

Marijn De Wit, in the past co-instructor at the Djansa school for African percussion and dance. He taught for 10 years and specialized in West African percussion. He followed 7 years of intensive lessons with master percussionist Mamady Keita, as well as with Patrick Huyghe and followed numerous internships in Africa and Belgium with Madou Fané, Ibrahima Sarr, Zoumana Dembélé, Sidiki Camara, Sega Sidibé, Souleyman camara, Ibrahima Diabaté and Babara Bangoura. He also supervised the lessons of African dance by Brahima Coulibaly.


Playing the djembé

Playing percussion is very accessible and is therefore an effective metaphor for collaboration and coordination; within a short time, a swinging rhythm is created. The djembé is the ideal instrument to ground, to feel the rhythm in your stomach and to live your own strength. A rhythm is obtained by playing different accompaniments together, by tuning together, the whole automatically finds a balance. That creates astonishment and releases a lot of energy in a group! By surrendering yourself to the whole you experience that the whole means more than the sum of the parts. Playing West African percussion or djembé is very physical, draining a flow of stress, and tension. You can fully enjoy yourself, and as the speed is increased, the intensity increases. African rhythms are made up of polyrhythm’s, which means that different accompaniments on different instruments are necessary to arrive at a complete rhythm. I teach you to communicate with 'music' throughout your body, your breathing, singing, rhythm, etc.



These sessions are part of the 'Alchemical drumming'. It promotes the cooperation of all parts of the brain, is good to let go of stress, to get rid of a burn-out and much more.
The drum therapy sessions are offered as separate workshops in our program. In these djembée sessions, the comprehensive and in-depth method of alchemical drumming (transformation) is integrated.  For more information about Alchemical drumming, click the button.


Djembe for everyone

These sessions are given in a pyramid system, meaning that both the absolute beginner and the advanced player can attain these sessions. It is not necessary to own a djembé, but it can be useful to practice at home.  People who do not necessarily want to master an instrument but rather go for the physical and energetic transforming effect of 'playing' will very much enjoy these sessions.  Moving, singing, playing djembé in a group brings a lot of joy. You learn to work  with the grounding force in yourself through the djembé. 


  • Location: Looking for a new place for the sessions

  • Dates 2018: upcoming sessions

  • Starting djembé: 19h to 20h30

  • Starting Breathing Sounds: 8.30 pm to 10 pm

  • Price: 20 € per lesson (cash) or 30 € if you combine with Breathing sounds (19h to 22h)(payment information)

  • For whom: for all ages from 13 years. For people without musical prior knowledge as well as for people who already play other rhythmic instruments.

You do not need to own or bring your own instruments. (please inform us so we can provide a djembé for you.)

Following a djembé course there is a session 'Breathing sounds. A very special and complete breathing experience for body and soul.

djembe en bre.jpg


Many of our sessions can be combined with each other. A very pleasant and balancing combination is that of the 'Djembé' and the 'Breathing Sounds'. The powerful, grounding, connecting interplay of a djembe session forms a solid 'structure' for embedding a breathing session. The deeper energetic work in the more subtle realities of a breathing session can only go as deep as the relative power in 'grounding' or 'grounding' that you possess.

These combi-sessions are an invitation to do a deeper work with yourself. An evening full of fun, strength and also quite physical effort, as well as deep relaxation, emotion in connecting with your 'nature'.


  • Location: cc 't Vondel (' Joepie ') Halle, Brouwerijstraat 32

  • Starting djembé: 19h to 20h 30

  • Starting Breathing Sounds: 8.30 pm to 10 pm

  • Price : 20 € per lesson (cash per lesson) or 30 € if you combine with Breathing sounds (19h to 22h)