Season’s Shift

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This is our great year plan, where we follow you throughout  most of the whole year. We do this in 4 large weekends, each one for a different season. In the meantime you also get a discount on additional sessions that you wish to take. We follow you with a very deep energetic connection and together with the other participants we form a powerful group that will go through these 4 seasons as a family. It’s our great year trajectory for self-development as an energetic light worker. Becoming your highest potential and unique 'gift to the world'.

The path of the ‘magician of life ‘is a path through the three arrows. The black road, the white road and the red road. The red path is the path of the life magician.

This process is embedded in 4 weekends, 4 seasons. We work with the element of the seasons and with the reciprocity in your inner seasons. When you look at your emotions, habits and conditioning, they differ in every season. The repetitions of life can cause us to dwell in those lingering patterns, so much even that it seems impossible to get out.

By undergoing this process in 4 seasons you can test the changes in yourself as mirrored in the group and as actively reflected by us and we’ll be able to follow you for one year.

Autumn - the black arrow - The Tonal

We start in autumn, symbolically with the black arrow. This arrow points to you, your past, your family, your wounds, the so-called karmic story. Here we will work with your building blocks, all that is not yet known from the past and from the depths of your inner self, a view on the perinatality, the family story and family tree, the secrets of your life, the hidden emotions that are still consciously and unconsciously determining your life. All roads lead first through the black work, you cannot avoid this, because life always throws you back. This work involves recognizing and acknowledging who you are and why you are doing things the way you do. The painful side of yourself, the confrontations with yourself. Do not get out of the way of this work, because this will cause undeniable conflicts within you and the step-by-step falling into disease. In this work you will also deal with the grief about all of your traumas that have not yet been processed.


See that you are unique, that all you did was for your highest good, to bring you here. The patterns that you inherit from mother and father, all inheritance that you carry and live, mostly unconsciously ... we help you to consciously look at it and deal with it. We solve the old conflicts together to bring you completely into acceptance with what was, so that you are ready for the next step: the white work.


Winter - The White Arrow - The Tonal


After the profound black work we move on to the white work. Many people get stuck in the 'white work', without first doing the black work, literally making them prisoners of their own 'peace & love image', leading to a sweet-mouthed life without decent foundation. Symbolically we choose the winter for this, as it facilitates the need to go in the silence of your being. We leave the voices of the past for what they are and focus on the beautiful, pure and good in us, cultivating a loving open heart.

Through various sessions of exercises and rituals we guide you through the winter within. The black work has exposed your soul and you feel its fragility. Embrace this fragile diamond and cherish it. In this stage the love for yourself comes first, now you can start to create your dreams in real life, whatever they may be…be a magician

1, 2 & 3 february 2018


Spring & Summer - The Red Arrow - the Nahual

We are entering spring with the first part of the red work. In this stage we aim our arrow in front. We work with the potential that you have discovered on the white road, and on how you can put the most lofty image of yourself on earth.
In the first stage you also learn how to get in touch with the red work and how this leads to a new and more complete vision of life. It could be called an alchemical conclusion of black and white work. You become, as it were, a conscious player in chess with the black and white pawns. You consciously move back and forth between black and white work, but can avoid letting yourself be dragged into their traps. As from the moment that you master the black and white work, the alchemical process develops itself into the red work. Through various sessions of exercises and rituals we guide you through the spring feeling within you. The focus is now on looking ahead, giving direction, planning. The sessions and practices will work with the visionary self. Learning to recognize your intuition and to distinguish it from the habit patterns of your 'ego'. The fresh green, the birds, the flowers, ... our senses are stimulated and add 'meaning' to life, meaning to creation . The creative power in you has awakened.


With unity and mastery at last we arrive at the red work. Here you have become master of your consciousness, the black work is integrated into your consciousness and will no longer strangle you, the white work brings you the love for yourself and therefore also for life. The combination of these two arrows is an extremely fertile breeding ground for becoming a magician of life.

In a powerful, determined and loving way you now indicate clearly a new direction in which you wish to move, and as a 'red magician' you are now an active, creative and conscious participant and player of this magnificent game on earth. In full consciousness you choose, you play, you create your own beautiful painting during your stay here on earth.

26, 27 & 28 April 2018 (spring)
21, 22 & 23 June 2018 (summer)

Practical facts

The program always starts on Friday at 2 pm and ends on Sunday 5pm.

Depending on the season and on the needs of the group, a specific program will be created, with mainly ceremonial work.

Included in the weekend:

  • 2 x overnight stay (mattresses are provided)

  • 2 x breakfast & soup (shamanic diet nutrition)
    There is no supper on Saturday as there is a fast.

  • All ceremonial work.


  • Bonheiden, Blommerenbos, Hendrik Conciencelaan

Bring along:

  • Warm clothing adapted to the season.

  • Outdoor footwear adapted to the season (no shoes allowed inside)

  • Shower towel and fitted sheet for the mattress

  • Your life file (will be sent at registration)


During these weekends we all follow a strict diet. If you engage in this Season’s Shift and want to seriously take on the work with the spirits we advise you to start this diet 2 weeks before the weekend and to continue it for another week. Making it a 3 week diet embracing our ceremonial weekends.

Dates 2018/2019

  • Black arrow: 9, 10 & 11 November2018

  • White arrow: 1, 2 & 3 February 2019

  • Red arrow (1): 26, 27 & 28 April 2019

  • Red arrow (2): 21, 22 & 23 June 2019


  • 450eur per weekend or 425eur early bird discount (registration and payment one month before the 1st weekend)

  • 1525eur for the entire journey (4 weekends) (i.e. 275eur discount if you register and pay for the whole series, normally 1800eur)
    These prices only if cash is paid.

Further advantages:

For the participants who register and pay for the whole series, there are additional benefits. You will receive a discount of 15% on any other session that you may have with us during the duration of the Shift. This discount is for ceremonies and individual sessions, but does not apply to series that have already been discounted (such as a couple discount or discount for sound training programs for the entire series.) In order not to work with decimal numbers these amounts are rounded, you can find the adjusted prices on our price table.

Life dossier:

To start your profound work with the ‘black arrow’ already, you can download the dossier from our website. Take some time to look at the dossier. Remember this is ‘your’ file, we don’t need it, it’s to get a clear look at your life, your patterns, to get more inside in who you are.