A "let yourself be touched" evening, open to both women and men. A Collaboration between Juanita Pyl and Deborah Waknine. Evening and day-sessions.


Evening sessions

Meet each other and especially meet yourself by getting more in touch with your own body. Giving yourself more space so that you can do the same to others.

This organic workshop will touch the overall picture of your entire being in a very subtle and sometimes very direct way. The carefully selected exercises, music, chants, etc., aim at awakening the conscious and unconscious patterns, present in the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual field. It will tell us more about the direction we are going and whether or not this requires further attention. Together we spontaneously create what is needed for the group.

The birth of your personal life choreography through dance shows your raw story in its essence. This dance of life that emerges purely and instinctively will take your spirit to the limits of your emotions, so that you will be able to express them more easily.

through the body in the movement. Breathing within these movements will be the transformative factor, as it brings you into contact with your inner melody. It is an encounter that touches your whole being, connects you with your Heaven and Earth, together with us, the other and the world around you.


What to expect?

  • A better overall flow and sensation in, of and around your body

  • More space to experience yourself and let you be what is there

  • Embracing yourself in softness

  • Acceptance what is necessary for you in the moment

  • Tools for self-expression

  • Self-love and from there connection with the other



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This workshop has grown out of the evening Circle "Touch" where we learn to feel and explore our senses in a gentle loving setting guaranteed by Deborah and Juanita.

Go deeper into yourself and feel the life energy flowing, in all openness and flexibility from that moment through body massages and movement. A simple tool is taught to you through doing it together; From a state of natural relaxation we will do simple exercises to increase our body awareness and develop our senses. We invite you to truly come and land in your body.

What can you expect:

  • A better lifeflow

  • Feeling with your senses

  • Contact with your inner self, body and your soul

  • Cultivation of self-love and gratitude



Date: check out our upcoming sessions

  • Starts 1:30 pm to 4:30pm

  • Guidance: Juanita Pyl & Deborah Waknine

  • Price: 30 € (payment information)

  • Location: De Verscholen Tuin, Peter Benoitlaan 15, Deurne


About Deborah Waknine

Life gave me the chance to be guided to wonderful teachers, masters and shamans. Thanks to these meetings I integrated healing techniques which I have with time made a personal synthesis in order to transmit it during my workshops and consultations.

The wisdom of Kabbalah in recent years never ceases to amaze me and inspire me to discover the mysteries of life.

However today I feel that something calls me to rest my mind and all that knowledge to return to something quieter, presence to oneself.

I'm slowly learning to stop believing that to feel my body I need a specific technique, a detox or whatever.

I just let him come to meet me.

In this sensory space with my body there is no more suffering, stories and consciousness. There is just the presence to me.

The most beautiful meeting I wish everyone one day to do.

Déborah Waknine