Opening of the Heart

Opening of the heart is a profound transformation weekend in which we return together to your true nature to start looking at life as it really is. The weekend will bring profound healing, from where well-grounded and powerful decisions can be made for the sole purpose of living your highest potential in love and oneness with your true self and your environment.


What to expect?

In these weekends we aim for the people who clearly want to make a big step for themselves. People who want to change, want to let go. We are offered various moments in our lives as 'big turning points'. It is not always easy to go all the way in these moments. The fear of letting go of the familiar and daring to jump. In this we can guide you to become your greatest potential and let your light shine like never before.

Afternoon session

The afternoon session is important to get to know each other better as a group. To feel each other, listen to everyone's story and support each other in this. The form and content of this afternoon session is fully sensed in the moment exactly needed for the entire group in that moment. It may be that we dance, sing, share meditating together, or just relax. There is always room to come to us with your personal questions. In the afternoon we also work with Maestro Tobacco as a sprit from the rainforest to give you a firm grounding for the following evening.


Breathing Sounds

Transformational breathing or Rebirthing is brought to you in a shamanic version

Our years of experience with sound healing,  and bodywork has created this unique way of rebirthing. We apply our skills in the field of sound during your profound breathwork. The accompaniment with various instruments from all over the world, ancient icaros and spirit songs, make your experience even deeper and more grounded.  Breathing Sounds is  a breathing technique that aims to make contact with the own life energy in a simple way.

4 dimensional concert

During the late evening and night we work with a profound healing session. Here we work with the allies from the rainforest, through informed water, songs and healing. to reconnect with our deepest potential, our higher self.  And to be able to hear your own advisor more clearly. During this ceremony, you experience an intense sound healing. We work with all kinds of instruments, carefully and intuitively chosen in the moment to guide the group as precisely as possible on the journey inside. The energy of the icaros (spiritsongs from the rainforest) will take you to your depths and heights to gather all information about yourself that is important at this moment.  

You can describe this experience as a 4-dimensional concert. The setting is the 'dark', to realy go deep inside.

cacao - kopie.jpg

Cacao ceremony

As the Cacao is a real heart opener, we can connect more quickly and easily with the whole, with the other, with the world. During the drinking of the Raw Cacao, we sing and danced together. Feeling your flow through your senses, feeling the other in gratitude, letting love flow out of your heart through your heart and singing, dancing and sharing, for the whole world. The cacao brings gratitude to your being for who you are, it brings out the playfulness and simplicity of things.

Raw cocoa opens the heart!

This ceremony is the end of our weekend and aims to connect in love and openness together and will put you in your full potential to step back into the world: integration and grounding.


Practical information

What to bring:

  • sleeping bag,

  • mat or air mattress,

  • easy clothes,

  • seat cushion.


it is advisable to start the personal work already a few days from before by following the shamanistic diet.  This will start the proces and makes you more open to the work that will be done.

Price Opening of the heart (long retreat)

  • Opening of the heart: 250 € (please pay cash)

    • Start: 2 pm until next day 4 pm

Price Opening of the heart (short retreat)

  • Opening of the heart: 190 € (please pay cash)

    • Start: 2pm until next day 12h (without cacao ceremony)

Price separate session (only with long retreat)

  • Cacao ceremony: 30 €

    • Start: Sunday 13h to 16h

  • Sweat lodge ceremony: 65 €

    • Start: Saturday 10 am to 6 pm

What is included

This weekend is incl:

  • 1 night

  • Afternoon arrival session

  • Breathing sounds, rebirhting session (Saturday)

  • 4 dimensional concert (Saterdaynight)

  • healthy diet breakfast Sunday morning

  • subsection and debriefing Sunday morning

  • Cacao ceremony (Sunday afternoon) only at 'long retreat'

Dates BonheideN
( Belgium)

Location: will be communicated at registration