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TAKI waterceromony, singing circle and breathing

  • GWWC Jozef Reusenslei Wommelgem, Vlaanderen, 2150 Belgium (map)



Taki, the Quechua word for 'song'. A unique kind of concert, with songs evocing the spirits of the rainforest, a lot of singing together, a breathing session and some dancing.

We take you on a musical journey through the shamanic realms of the rainforest. The energy of space is processed with icaro's, arcana's and spiritsongs. These special melodies carry the frequency to recover, find and accept peace, let go, and feel deeper. Just like working with plant medicines, the energy of the group is used, for and by each other. There are also moments for individual healings that will work for the group.

A TAKI evening is therefore not an ordinary concert but a ceremonial setting, starting with a sharing round to feel what's going on in our personal lives, to connect with the stories that enter the room.  Now, instead of drinking plant medicine, we drink  WATER. The water travels through your cells and is guided in the following hours by the ICAROs and sounds of our music. 

An in-depth journey is to where we guide you. Together we go to the dark deep caves of your soul and then rise again to the highest regions of that soul. We prefer to translate this earthly movement from up and down to the cosmic 'inward' and 'outward'. During this energetic movement you encounter yourself, the energy touches your processes and brings deep insights. 

During the concert, the water is charged in the middle of the room and you can take a sip during the closing song. You now taste the power of the medicine in the water, and this is taken home by you, to your family, to your work, to everyone ... into the world! The medicine is not something out there, but it is you, Your transformed self is the medicine for the world.

In the end not even a few words are needed, just an unmistakable look of recognition and love.

Price: 25 € per session

Starting : 19h to 22h

Supervision: Marijn De Wit & Juanita Pyl

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