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Through our shamanic training in Belgium, France and Peru we have learned to work with the native 'spirit songs' or icaro's: the magical technique of shamanic singing from the Amazon.

Singing to the plants

Every song, every tone and melody holds a specific frequency just like a prayer or an angel, or a crystal, etc. You can use these songs to recall a certain frequency and to charge yourself or others with it. This is one of the most effective and gentle forms of healing.


A student shaman will undergo several diets with several master plants chosen by his / her Maestro (a). After some time, the student will have fully mastered the plant, and the spirit of the plant will show itself through dreams, visions, everyday events and ultimately through the 'icaro'. The icaro is the ultimate gift from the plant to the pupil. With this icaro, the plant is permanently linked to the student as an ally and the pupil can call upon this plant frequency, blow it (soplado) and sing it without the effective plant still having to be administered. A magical unification process between man and plant.

Icaro sessions & ceremonies

Many shamans in Peru work exclusively with their voice through the ‘Icaro’. These songs protect themselves and others, or they can be used to open you, to infuse light and love and to help your cells remembering and continuing their way to their highest potential. During these sessions we teach you to get in touch with your personal trauma and pains and to sing through them and find the right frequency to dissolve them. The healing always starts with you: who heals who? It's all about feeling and interpreting your own body and mind, to feel what they need and make contact with the best healing frequency for you in that moment.  There is a lot to say about the strength of Icaro's, the best thing is to experience it.  You can attend an icaro session through a personal healing or a vocal session or you may want to enter the energy of a group session, where we all work for and through each other. To support these Icaro sessions & ceremonies we work not only with the songs, but we introduce you to a few plant spirits. We work with the sacred Tobacco and Sananga.

Icaro Tobacco ceremonies

The Tobacco is a plant teacher spirit that has accompanied us for many years through all our shamanic work. It is a powerful Maestro that teaches you from the inside, how to ground yourself, protect, and reside in your true pure form. Such a plant teacher always works with everyone differently, it will look for what is needed for you in the moment.
The Tobacco is an ally. We like to introduce you to the gentle power of this Curandero from the plant kingdom.

We will mainly use Tobacco through the form known as Rapé or Tobacco water.  More information about this plant teacher can be found through this link.



Sananga is made from the roots and bark of the Tabernaemontana undulata shrub a "milkwood" species in the family Apocynaceae, and comes directly from the Amazonian tribes. This sacred and potent medicine is used for healing physical and spiritual ailments, by clearing the mind of distractive energies and allowing for a complete new way of perceiving and focusing. This Sananga is infused with intentions of absolute clarity and focus, through eye-drops. The pure spirit of Sananga supports a deep cleansing of blocked energies on emotional, physical, and spiritual levels. Sananga can balance and increase your energies and find the roots of your disease and blocks, leading to a complete equilibrium, focus and peace of mind. Moreover, the drops will expand your spiritual vision and awareness, and enhance your ability to read others people´s intentions. Also, Sananga increases your long-range vision, which is important for visualizations and predictions of the future. Apart of this, the drops are also used to cure and improve a broad range of ocular problems. Our ICARO ceremonies are always with the support of maestro Tobacco. The Sananga is an option for those who are in need of this spirits.

Dates & Practical information

These sessions can be done individually or you can book sessions in small groups of up to 10 people. Below you will find the dates for the group sessions that are already planned and for which you can register at choice:


Icaro / Tobacco & Sananga ceremony (Bonheiden)

Dates: Upcoming Sessions
Location: Blommerenbos, Hendrik Conciencelaan 32, Bonheiden
Start: 7 pm to 10 pm
Price: 50 € (couple discount: 40 € per person)
Guided by: Marijn De Wit

Best to follow a short shamanic diet the day of the ceremony, to purify your body. Also drink lots of water to get all the toxins out.


Tobacco & Sananga / Icaro ceremony (Shamballa - Deinze)

Dates: Upcoming Events
Location: Ten Bosse 78, Deinze
Start: 7 pm to 10 pm
Price: 50 € (couple discount: 40 € per person)
Supervision: Marijn De Wit

Best to follow a short shamanic diet the day of the ceremony, to purify your body. Also drink lots of water to get all the toxins out.