meet the divine

Experience multiple personal healings at this place of power, in one week. Some come with physical complaints but others look for a spiritual awakening or enlightenment. This is not an everyday holiday but an experience that changes your life !!!

A movie taken at our last journey from november 2018.

In Abadiânia we have the privilege of looking in the eyes of GOD himself.

The energy is now stronger than ever. Powerful and spontaneous interventions are common, but you now hear things like: "I do not know what happened to me, I sat in the garden to meditate a bit and I" left "for a while, I came back and I felt strange and destabilized, I feel tired and everything I've done for two days is sleeping, and many people report strange and unexplained events.

All this suggests a deep phase of purification in and around the Casa, as well as in the rest of the world. Everything that does not come from the Light is recalled. The universe shows us that the time has come to give up all our attachments, including those of relying on another human form to communicate with. Teachers and guides, they will always be present, but only to help us, not to make decisions for us or to give us answers that we can only get from ourselves. Those who can not believe in this renewed form of healing remain in fear and suffering. These go away and do not come here anymore.

The veil between the spirit world and our world is getting thinner. We are called to communicate directly with the Ascended Masters; we are all mediums, it is up to us to develop it. We no longer need media, fakirs, priests or gurus to mediate between God and ourselves.


Who is John?

John of god is probably the world's most famous spiritual healer ever. His place of residence is located in the central part of Brazil, Abadiania and more than 500 people usually visit this place every day. As recently appeared in Oprah on TV, John or God is a medium embodied by spirits and thus makes physical and spiritual healing possible. Many people come to him with incurable diseases, yet this is still a small part of the bigger picture. Many come for support and help in emotional and even financial themes, spiritual enlightenment. Almost everyone will hear you say that the visit changed their lives. The energy can be felt. You may have heard about the physical healing of everything via the internet or by mouth to mouth how he works, experiencing it on the spot and experiencing such close gives it an extra move towards opening in those divine dimensions of light healing. Most healings happen energetically and in the subtle field, some are chosen for a subtle spiritual intervention.

John or god is an ordinary man who, like no other, took up the mediumship to chanel the spirits who appear in this place and let the work take place through him. Whoever catches as much light as John, also gets a lot of other things to deal with. The last complications have ensured that John is no longer present in the Casa, but the work continues. "If Joao de Deus returns to the Casa, God knows it alone, and it does not matter, the work on this power station continues through us, all visitors spread the light over the world." It is up to us to make changes in ourselves. to bring and accept, to stay in love and not in fear, and to prepare us for powerful years of life.

Come with us to Abadiânia, now it is the best time to be here. This place needed clearance to serve the whole in ourselves even better. A bright future smiles at us. OHA "

What to experience?

For everyone it will be a fairly personal experience. Some go with a physical complaint to solve them while others go out of curiosity or wish to awaken spiritually. For most, it is a journey with a lot of time and space for introspection, meditation and contemplation. Do not expect a trip full of action and adventure with many new views. It will bring something completely different !! Even if there are no sessions in the Casa, you will experience the process of deep healing. Most people experience at least the feeling of a loving energy that surrounds them. In fact, the spirits have been working with you for a long time before you arrive at this place and feel its presence, or you feel overwhelmed by "everything falls into place now after years". Do not try to nurture expectations, go along with the current and see what it brings you, that it is always the right thing you need at that moment. You have invited yourself to receive a profound healing and to experience the loving energy of multiple light beings in one place.


Planning Casa Dom Inacio:

When the house is open to sessions, it means that the spirits are present and embodied in a light entity. Twice a day on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. In the morning the sessions start at 8 am and in the afternoon at 2 pm. The protocol, the house rules ensure that everything runs smoothly, and that all visitors organized in rows, eg a first or second visit to the entities. The remaining days are spent in rest and self-reflection. You are expected to follow the protocol and your supervisors will translate what you do or do not have to do. The supervisors in and around the Casa or your personal supervisors will explain the further guidelines and help you and guide you through the protocol. You may be called an intervention "operation" or you may return to the entity for the following days. If you have an operation, it is advisable to rest in your hotel or pousada. During the visits before the entities, it may be that you are invited to meditate in "The Current" during the healing. You may also request healings for your loved ones, your loved ones with photos. Even if John does not give sessions, the healing work continues and it takes place under the guidance of the light beings.


You can attend religious services in English or Portuguese at set times in the Casa, the shop at the house is also always open where you can buy charged crystals and blessed water. The house is located in a small village with cosy shops and restaurants, bars that offer delicious fresh Acai Berry juice. You can also find and eat gluten-free products.
No worries you will be guided through this process and we, Deborah and Juanita will help you to complete the protocol in a gentle way so that you will benefit the most in the process of your personal healing. We also accompany you to the waterfall at this sanctuary and its spiritual purification that can provide support or direction. In addition, we also offer evening circles to coordinate as a group and to work with what is needed. During the day we are available for support or a private conversation regarding your path to healing.

Practical information:


  • Transport to and from the airport in a group (private taxi bus) if you arrive or leave on a different day than the group, you have to pay the additional costs yourself.

  • stay at Pousada Dom Ingrid (the owner Ricardo works closely with John as a private translator for people who stay there !!!)

  • 3 delicious meals per day (including vegetarian)

  • blessed water on arrival in your room

  • a guided trip to the holy waterfall

  • a session "Crystal Bed"

  • guidance and group sessions with Deborah and Juanita

  • signpost and help in the Casa

  • an individual treatment or foot reflex of the guidance

  • guidance in Dutch, French or English if necessary

Price per person: 1150€
Dates: 2 to 9 June 2019

What is not included:

  • Flight (best together booking so the group stays together, obtaining veggie or gluten-free meals is possible on board, must be reported in advance) (TARGET PRICE: between 800 € and 1200 € there and back)

  • Additional treatments such as extra "crystal bed session" as well as designated "massages"

  • Herbs under prescription

  • Expenditure in the Casa shop or in the village of Abadiania

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