In this treatment or workshop we invite you to question yourself. On the basis of your body language and attitude, we use a card game to interpret your own universe.


The Card game

This card game contains 22 Hebrew letters, which in turn relate to essential questions of life, to dive deeper into your being. This is a unique opportunity to better understand your way of life, as well as your attitude and karmic relationships.
"The 22 Hebrew letters in this card game act as 22 possibilities for growth, 22 symbols, 22 characters with a complex personality.From the Jewish tradition these letters encompass their entire world.These Letters can bring us back to the source, our core and also a creation of a new universe. "

Bio Kabbalah is based on both the metabiology of the functioning of man and the art of revealing the deep meaning of life through the 22 Hebrew letters. This method is inspired by the 'Terufah', the wisdom of healing and compassion to give the other what he really needs. With this approach you can give more meaning to your life, transform the darkness and gain access to your inner joy.



BodyTouch is a subtle deep and dynamic touch of internal organs, the vital systems of the body and meridians that respect our sacred geometry and the movements of the natural rhythms of life (5 elements of Chinese medicine). All this in order to achieve a greater vitality, purification and a harmonious transformation of our total being. By using BodyTouch in combination with reading these 22 Hebrew letters, there is a chance to feel deeper, understand and thus integrate what emerges, where and possible.

What to expect

  • An introductory conversation together that indicates your life questions

  • An explanation of the card game by Deborah

  • A body approach that is intuitively done by Juanita, surrounded by sounds, music, and "shamanic Body Touch" through the entire process.

  • A concluding conversation

These sessions are accompanied by Juanita Pyl en Deborah Waknine. You can book a private session or small group session.


About Deborah Waknine

therapist, speaker and co-author with Gérard Athias of the game «the 22 life sparks» and of the book «la Shoah and héritage»

She has been trained in the decoding of syndromes, in counselling on palliative care and in the use of various body care techniques. She was also initiated by a shaman for several years.

Learning the wisdom and symbolism of the 22 Hebrew letters through the teachings of Kabbalah bring it into a considerable dimension to the infinite healing resources that we all possess. In her workshops and consultations, with the support of the Hebrew typeface, Deborah conveys the essential question that, in a reciprocal dynamic, can provide keys to growth to our true nature.

In constant search for self-development, Déborah discerns a "Body Touch" method with deep, dynamic and subtle touches of internal organs, of vital systems of the body and of meridians, which respect our sacred geometry with the aim of bringing more vitality, and resulting in a purification and a harmonious transformation of our being.

"I would like to guide you through this process to realize the encounter with your true nature"

Deborah Waknine gives workshops in Europe and Canada on topics such as "Bio Kabbalah", "Body Touch" the game "The 22 life sparks", and "The keys to autonomy".